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Walther Rotex RM8

Walther Rotex RM8
Rotex Varmint

Designed and built in Germany by Umarex, this is the Walther you've always wanted: the Walther Rotex RM8 bolt-action PCP rifle.

This PCP rifle is super accurate and super effective. With a beautifully chequered, top-quality Minelli wood stock or quality comfortable Varmint Synthetic stock, a Walther Lothar barrel with ½ inch UNF thread, 200cc bottle, and an 8-shot magazine, what more could you want!

The 200cc bottle provides a very impressive 100 full-power shots, allowing you more shots between fills. This is particularly helpful on a long day's shooting.

The Walther Lothar barrel is among the best in the world, with unparalleled accuracy and precision.

Everything on this rifle has been thought through by Walther's world-class engineers and designers, not leaving anything to chance. If you're looking for an affordable, multi-shot PCP rifle, look no further than the Rotex RM8. Scope not included

Price Synthetic Varmint   £465.00

Price Synthetic Varmint UC  £499.00

Price Wood   £550.00

Walther Rotex Varmint RM8 Ultra Compact

Walther Rotex RM8 Varmint Ultra Compact

Walther RM8 Varmint UC from Walther is a British styled rifle, but made in Germany so its feels great when shooting backed up by solid and reliable engineering. This has ensured that the rifle has been a massive hit since its release and is now available as this Varmint version with a thumbhole polymer stock.

The RM8 is based around a bolt action cocking and loading system with an 8 shot metal magazine to hold the pellets before they are loaded. The barrel into which they are loaded is a Walther Lothar barrel, which has a 1/2inch UNF thread at the end, fitted with a stubby Umarex silencer.

The thumbhole stock is very ergonomic and is made from solid and strong polymer to withstand anything you can throw at it. The forestock has a weaver rail fitted to make fitting a bipod/torch a lot quicker and easier.

The large 200cc bottle provides up to 100 shots with refilling done through a quick fill probe. Scope not included

Price from £440.00

Walther LGU Master Pro

Walther lgu master pro

Walther LGU Master Pro, praised in many tests as the “the best out-of-the-box air rifle”, has to be fired to be believed, just incredible. The continuously variable butt plate allows the spring-operated air rifle to be adjusted to the height of the telescopic sight and the shooter’s stance. The LGU also features an innovative rotary piston, Super Silent Technology and a Vibration Reduction System. The integral cocking lever under the barrel can be cocked with hardly any friction and fires so smoothly that each shot can be checked though the sight. Scope not included

Price from £570.00