Crosman Magfire Mission

Crosman Magfire Mission

The Crosman® Mag-Fire .22 features a refined approach to multi-shot, break-barrel innovation raising the bar over current technologies. The Crosman Mag-Fire Mission includes the patented 10-shot design that delivers the lowest profile in its class and utilizes fewer components to reduce failure or jamming. Featuring Quietfire sound suppression technology, thumbhole style stock, dovetail rail for your favourite accessories, and 4x32mm scope, the result is the ultimate in performance and reliability whether you’re on the range or in the field.


Price £239.95

Crosman Stealth NP


This Crosman Stealth Nitro Piston .22 Air rifle is unlike traditional air rifles where the spring powered system can lose power over time this air gun will always stay constant. Includes a 4x32 Scope.


Price £159.95

Crosman 2250 Ratcatcher

Crosman 2250.jpg

The Crosman 2250 (Ratcatcher) .22 CO2  Air Rifle This is a very handy little Air Rifle. Very light and manoeuvrable in tight spaces. It packs a real punch being powered by a single 12g CO2 Powerlets. Can be used for general use but it is very effective for close range vermin control as its length allows for easy movement in confined spaces. Includes a 2x20 Scope


Price £145.00

Crosman 2250 XL Ratcatcher

Crosman 2250 XL.jpg

The Crosman 2250 XL (Ratcatcher) .22 CO2 Air Rifle is ideal for longer range pest control. The 2250XL has an 18” barrel which gives added stability and accuracy for those longer range shots. The barrel has a threaded muzzle to allow you to add a sound moderator. The 2250 XL is ideal for dispatching vermin up to 35 meters away. Includes a 4x32 Scope


Price £215.00

Crosman 1077

Crosman 1077 Synthetic.jpg

Despite the low price, the 1077 .177 air rifle from Crosman is incredibly reliable and, with a semi automatic action that fires as fast as you can pull the trigger, will provide hours and hours of fun.

The 1077 is equipped with a 12-shot rotary pellet clip that lets you shoot for longer. The rear sight is adjustable and the front sight is fibre optic to ensure you are always on target.

Power is Approx 3.0 ft/lbs. Ideal for plinking and general target shooting.


Price £115.00

Crosman Inferno


The Crosman Inferno .22 is the perfect choice for juniors and beginners, it comes complete with fibre optic open sights and a skeleton style synthetic stock. Great for plinking .

Price £74.95