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Now  Permanently  Closed

With a heavy heart I have to admit defeat as we near the end of what has been a difficult year both for Tony's Camo and personally. Late last year into early this year we suffered huge delays (nearly eight months) receiving our RFD from North Wales Police, then, in spring, my sister sadly passed away which gave my entire family pause for thought. Ok, I'm closing the Airgun side of the gun shop pretty much straight away, with just a couple of basic bits left in the shop such as a few pellets, CO2 & some used items. Mark has his own health issues which see's him having to step away from employment. A huge thank you to him, a very trustworthy and reliable employee and a damn good friend (don't tell him I said so). Fin, my son, will continue with his endeavours with FC Airsoft, continuing to serve his airsoft customers from site.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your custom and most importantly friendship over the past twenty years. Happy shooting guys !

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